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Pay per Click - What is it?

Conventional website promotion relies on trying to achieve a high ranking on the free listings or by utilizing search engine optimization services. SEO does take time, effort can be a trial and error experience.

You may have seen sponsored sites in web searches and not known what they mean. In simple terms, you bid against relevant search phrases in a 24/7 auction with other companies, all vying to get a high ranking.

The beauty of Pay per click is that you have a high level of involvement in the ranking you achieve based on what you are prepared to pay. Find that popular search phrase which few others are bidding on and you could get visitors to your site for 10p or less each. Once visitors get into your site there are no more costs, you only pay when a visitors clicks on a search engine link and enters your site. Subsequent page clicks do not cost you. Most importantly, you only pay if someone actually clicks on the link to your site in a web search.

In simple terms - No Click = No Charge - consequently you only pay on performance. Our team of professionals will be happy to discuss the PPC option with you .

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